I am going to be writing about the intersection of design, product development, the liberal arts, and how we can build a better-designed world.

I have a lot of experience in user experience and product development. I’m currently VP, UX at Gartner Digital Markets. Previously, I was the VP, UX at FiscalNote. I also taught user-centered design at the University of Maryland.

I will still be writing on Medium and tweeting a lot, but I wanted a space to put everything together and to put more of the connective tissue out there. A lot of my foundational writing has appeared on Medium, but Medium is not a great place for a lot of the day-to-day.

Expect posts of all lengths and for the thread to carry over between posts. I also really appreciate comments, feedback, and interaction.

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Patrick Thornton
Living at the intersection of design, user experience, product, and technology. VP of design @fiscalnote. Teach at @uofmaryland.