How does a product as big as Gmail from a company as big as Google come out looking like this?
Quit quitting is the latest hot-take trend that news orgs and social media are discussing. What is it? As best I can tell it is doing your job as you…
An affordance is not a feature.
While A/B testing can be a powerful tool in the right hands, it can also be an incredibly dangerous tool in the wrong hands. Your hands are probably the…
Surveys can be a powerful tool when building and refining products and services, but they can also yield bad data and insights if they aren’t done well…
I may be mildly addicted to Lanebreak on my Peloton.What is it? Think Guitar Hero meets spin class.
The idea that one of the core design constraints of a wireless mouse should be that a user can use it while tethered to a wire is silly.
Apple needed a monitor like the Studio Display for its professional users. It turns out no one else was willing to make it.
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